Home Sweet Home

Recovery Girl’s Latest News

We are the Recovery Girls.

We are proud of our recovery and are not afraid to tell the world. We take any and every opportunity to speak on and advocate for recovery. We are trying to produce a stigma-free environment in our rural community.

The resources for women here, when it comes to addiction support services, are scarce. We believe women are a very important part of the family circle and will make more resources available to women, and women with children in our rural community. Keeping women close to the place they call home is essential when guiding one to a long-term recovery.


Creating Recovery Girls

Hello, my name is Cindy Morris. I am the Recovery Girl. I have been in recovery from meth for 5 years. I have been working on this project for over 3 years, graduated college with my AS in business management and have a complete business for the Recovery Girls Sober Living Home with proper projections set into place.

I have created a marketing plan, for an App, that will connect recovering addicts, all across the nation, while raising a family and working as a full-time waitress. My amazing friend and colleague, Liz, manages the Recovery Girls Facebook page. As we all know, social media is a full-time job.


We need your help...

The biggest obstacle this organization will overcome is funding the start-up costs in order to open the doors of a home. We have started a Patreon page to help collect funding.

Donating though Patreon will help ensure that those women in Sterling, Colorado get what they need to recover their lives back and become contributing members of our community.

Thank you in advance.