February 2019 Blog

Blog of February,

It is February 2019. I started the Recovery Girls project at the end of 2014. In 2015 I was going to a junior college. I formed all of my class assignments and papers around this dream. I even got guidance from a wonderful lady at the Small Business Development Center, Laurie Jones. See, the thing is, when I started this project I thought it would take 2 years to open the doors to a sober living home for women. HA!!!! Five years later here I am still chasing the dream.

This is no easy task! Sometimes, I get down on myself and the lengthy process of this dream I am living. I guess you can say the addict still lives within and she brings me down. She gives me doubt, many nights awake in my bed reminding me of all the things I didn't complete that day, etc, etc. One thing is for certain, no matter how much the addict inside me try's to pull me back into the abyss I will never get down low enough to ever touch the vile addiction to meth I once had.

When I started this project, Elizbeth Carter was my cheerleader and best friend (still is my best friend). Now she manages our Facebook page and keeps up on all the hot good gossip related to recovery then fills me in. She is the resource hound. So while I take the heavy load of building the dream and doing paperwork she keeps the social aspect and resources alive. She is the facilitator for our group in Sterling. She is amazing. Just like any of us who chase a dream, we all have day jobs too. We kill it as a team.

After doing some hard thinking and convincing of myself I have decided I must go back to school. I hate school, but it will be most beneficial to the organization if I had a CAC II and a bachelors degree in psychology. So on top of being a single mother of two, needing to work full time to support my kids, building this dream that will benefit many women in the future, and making time for mommy; I have now decided to add more to the plate. I must live at a buffet or something because I just keep loading it on.

The hardest part of this all is the time I don't get to spend with my kids. I told my daughter the other day I was thinking about going back to school and she cried. If only I could go to school and not worry about rent then there would be more family time. Time I wouldn't miss on the little things in life that matter. She told me she would never get to see me. Which is partially true, but I will always make time for my kids. It will just have to be strictly allocated. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't be the sober woman I am today. I owe it all to them. That is why I have to succeed. Not only for them but for the countless number of women out there who feel like they are alone, trapped in their cycle of addiction, wondering if there is anyone out there who will catch them before their addiction breaks them.

I'm one tough cookie because of what I lived through. By the grace of God he saved me, then he saved me again by blessing me with my first child, and she saved my life. Now I have the most amazing little boy in my life and he is my second Chance to remind me not to give up. There are hundreds of thousands of women out here all over the world who needs this dream.

This might sound crazy to you all but I am not doing this for me, I'm doing it for the women and children out there who need their mothers, to give them hope by helping them find their own strength.

Yes, this project has a lot more work to be done. I need to gain more knowledge to properly execute this fine-tuning of Recovery Girls. So back to the freaking books people!

You know they say, (whoever they are, haha) the very moment you feel like giving up is the exact moment when you need to keep living the dream. Then it becomes reality. I sure hope they are right because I can feel the grey hair coming in.

Until next time...
Cindy Morris

2019 Plan

Where do I start??? Well, not too long ago I had almost lost hope and vision on this dream that is dwelling within me. I was a penny away from shutting the project down. In my mind, I felt as though I would have to give up my dreams. I felt I needed to work extra hard to provide the life my children deserve which would leave no time for my dreams. I would give up all of my dreams in a single heartbeat to make sure my children had a shot to create dreams of their own. Then it hit me one day, if I didn’t follow through with this then what example would I be setting for my children. I was a waitress for two years and all my daughter wanted to be was just like me, a waitress.

Then I started to wonder… This moment of conscience thought led me to realize this dream of mine was just too big for a small town. Although, the town of Sterling Colorado desperately needs the service it as to root from someplace bigger.

This year I will be completing the Recovery Girls Group handbook and revising the business plan. Along with doing some field research in this bigger city. The same research I did in Sterling to start this project.

First, I will look up the census for Commerce city and Denver so I can compare that population with the national statistics from SAMHSA. This will give me the number of people the organization can be of service to during a given time period.

Then I will see how many recovery groups and NA groups are available in these areas. After finding their locations, times they are running groups, and who leads these groups I will contact the facilitators of the groups to see if they keep gender specific attendance data. NA groups do not keep attendance records of any kind because they have vowed anonymity. I have talked to facilitators of a number of NA groups trying to explain that keeping the number of females and males that attend groups will not reveal the identity of any group members. I also informed them this could be valuable information for funding purposes but they are not open for suggestions. This won’t stop me from continuing to ask. One day someone has got to give to a positive change.

After this, I will compile the data into charts and/or graphs for the backing of the theory of the dream house.

Cindy Morris

Recovery Girls Start Meetings in Sterling, Colorado

Recovery Girls would like to announce our women-only recovery group at 302 N. 8th Ave. Children are welcome at these groups. There is a playroom for the children. Light snack and refreshments will be provided during the meeting. It will be held every Thursday from 6:30-7: 30 pm.
Tell all the ladies you know seeking recovery to look for the purple light on the nights this group is held at the address provided.
This is a non-faith based group but will be held at a church. Calvary Baptist was kind enough to open their doors to this need our community has. All they ask is that we do not smoke on their property. If a group member is a smoker and you come in a car please inform others not to throw their butts outside of their car on the property.
At these groups we will talk about tips for sobriety, setting goals and boundaries, triggers and cravings, stress and time management, and reflecting on accomplishments as recovery is maintained. This is not the limit of things that will be talked about during this group setting.
Recovery Girls Group strives to provide a safe and drug-free place for women to feel safe when talking about the struggles of addiction and the challenges of recovery. Men will not be attending this group.
If you know someone seeking recovery who is a male and would like to attend other local groups they can visit www.recoverygirls.us and go to the events calendar. Here they will find all groups available locally with dates, times, and addresses held for the month. It is a mobile-friendly site.
Thank you for your time. Please help spread the word because recovery from addiction is important and we want all women seeking recovery to know they are not alone.